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About Us

About Uncle Tito’s

Welcome to Uncle Tito’s – a vibrant celebration of Mexican heritage and culinary delights, where every meal is a fiesta of flavors and an invitation to experience our family’s tradition.

Our journey began in the charming town of Springfield, Ohio, where Uncle Tito’s first opened its doors, inspired by the rich culture and spirited heart of Mexico. It was here that we established our reputation for an extensive menu filled with authentic Mexican cuisine, unparalleled customer service, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes every patron feel like part of our familia.

At Uncle Tito’s, we are more than just a restaurant; we are a community. We believe that the best meals are the ones shared with loved ones, accompanied by hearty laughter and good conversation.

Our commitment to the communities of Springfield, Mogadore, and Atwater extends beyond the dining table. We take pride in giving back, supporting local events, charities, and fostering a spirit of unity through our love for food and people.

Our founder, Fernando, carries the spirit of Mexico in his heart. Raised on the vibrant stories of his grandfather, a proud agave farmer in Mexico, Fernando’s passion for his heritage is infused in every aspect of Uncle Tito’s.

The essence of our roots is evident in our dishes, crafted from traditional recipes passed down through generations and perfected with a touch of innovation.

The agave plant, central to our family’s history, symbolizes the strength and resilience inherent in our culture. This same resilience pulses through the vibrant walls of our restaurants, in the smiles of our staff, and in the dedication to excellence that has earned us the accolade of the best customer service in the area.

Our flagship location in Springfield remains the heart of our operation, but the love for our cuisine and culture has allowed us to expand our family by opening two new locations in Mogadore and Atwater, Ohio. Each restaurant carries the torch of our tradition, lighting up the community with lively Mexican spirit.

From our sizzling fajitas to our hearty burritos, each dish on our large menu is a homage to the flavors of Mexico. We source the finest ingredients, some straight from Fernando’s grandfather’s agave farm, ensuring that every bite is a testament to our quality and authenticity.

We invite you to join us at Uncle Tito’s, where every visit is an adventure and every meal is a chance to taste the passion of Mexico. Come for the food, stay for the experience, and leave with memories that beckon you back to our doors.

Here at Uncle Tito’s, we’re not just serving meals; we’re nurturing souls with the spirit of Mexican hospitality. Bienvenidos a nuestra casa – welcome to our home.